Why Shred Files?

You wouldn't throw away your private documents into the trash without shredding them first - would you? Putting your bank statements, credit cards and health records into a trash bag un-shredded is just not a safe practice. Anyone could obtain your private information simply by going through your trash. The same is exactly true for data files on your computer that weren't erased, and data thieves know it!

With the help of file recovery software intruders can recover deleted files, retrieve browsing history, restore temporary files, view bank records or more even after you have deleted files in Recycle Bin or Temporary Internet Files folder! It's true! Personal information you thought was gone is actually still there on your hard drive, hidden-but-recoverable with the right software. That's why you need to erase or shred files with Wipe Expert 3 - the award winning data shredding and disk destruction program that will protect your online privacy, and keep your private files and personal records unobtainable by even the most savvy data thieves.

Protect Your Online Privacy

Additionally all modern Internet browsers download and store information about your online habits in temporary files - called 'Internet Cache'. Browsers will also save your browsing history to know where you've been and will track other sensitive information.

The award-winning Wipe Expert 3 is the only file shredder and hard drive destruction tool that you'll ever need to ensure complete and permanent removal of private files. In fact we made it powerful enough to meet the U.S. Department of Defense standards.

Shred files with Wipe Expert

Feature Packed!

  1. Erased files are made non-recoverable
  2. Easy to use yet still powerful
  3. Erase files on Hard Drives, USB Sticks, Flash Memory Cards, and more�
  4. Wipe away Internet tracks and clean up browsing history
  5. Schedule recurring file cleanup events
  6. Choose from over 13 file shredding algorithms
  7. Fast-acting Privacy Mode feature
  8. Support for Microsoft Office, Windows Messenger, and Skype
  9. Permanently erase hard drive data
File shredder and security software for Windows

Shred Files & Folders| Wipe Disk Free Space| Delete Windows Temp Files| Secure File Shredder

Download and begin using Wipe Expert 3 today so that you don't become another victim of cybercrime!
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Wipe Expert 3 is the best file shredder that works for me. I had no idea that my deleted files could be restored and used by thieves! Wipe Expert 3 saved me so much! - Jane C., Michigan, October 6, 2015
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